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Today’s tidbit: “True love is rare, and it’s the only thing that gives life real meaning.” ― Nicholas Sparks

{The Big Day} After a long time planning and all the events leading up to it the day was finally here! Recap on all the wedding related posts: Engagement pictures session 1session 2, and session 3 + Save the Date design + Bachelorette weekend (part 1 + part 2) + Invitation design + Bridal shower

There aren’t enough of the right words for me to describe the relationship Allie & Brian enjoy together and how happy I am for them. It truly was the perfect wedding celebration for the perfect pair. I was waiting to add some of the professional pictures before I did a post. I am so excited to finally share this beautiful day, 10.19.13!

Sneak peek image:

A&B Wedding34

Be sure to click below to read more and check out more pictures. Enjoy!

{Driving to Richmond} My mom and her friend drove down from Albany, NY and picked me up in MD on the way. We then headed to Richmond, VA but made a pit stop at Potomac Point Winery to break up the traffic and start celebrating! With the wedding on a Saturday we headed down on Wednesday to help Allie with last minute stuff. I finished making some signs I had designed (photo below) along with put all the favors together. It was nice having those extra days!

A&B Wedding

A&B Wedding2

A&B Wedding3

A&B Wedding4

A&B Wedding5

A&B Wedding6

{Friday + morning spa} Allie, our mom, Brian’s mom and her sister started the day with an amazing mini massage and manicure! While the nails were drying we had a private little lounge area to hang out in which was complete with champagne +  snacks.

A&B Wedding7

A&B Wedding8

A&B Wedding10

A&B Wedding9

{Friday + Rehearsal + Dinner} The venue, The Mill at Fine Creek is truly a gorgeous setting with both indoor and outdoor space. After the rehearsal we all headed to our private dinner held at Maggianos. After getting some kinks worked out, it was a beautiful evening filled with good conversation and laughs, delicious food + desserts (even had gluten free for me) and never ending wine!

A&B Wedding11

A&B Wedding14

A&B Wedding12

A&B Wedding13

A&B Wedding17

A&B Wedding15

A&B Wedding16

Allie, one of the other bridesmaid’s and I shared a room that night. We got a little creative storing the dress since we couldn’t hang it high enough anywhere.

A&B Wedding18

{Saturday + Morning surprises} I had put together a day of bag for Allie filled with items we might need along with some random cute things. I had fun putting it together. Love those little details!

A&B Wedding19

A&B Wedding20

A&B Wedding21

A&B Wedding22

{Saturday + Bridesmaids getting ready + Venue} The venue, The Mill at Fine Creek. is really nice because the guys have a private cottage to get ready in and we had a private space upstairs which overlooks the inside of the venue. The morning was spent with never ending mimosas + snacks. We all got ready together, with a few of us getting professional hair and makeup (which was done at the venue).

In between getting ready we also helped set up stuff for the reception, like name cards, the signs I made and other little details. Originally Allie & Brian had looked at wineries for the venue but fell in love with The Mill, which was not only gorgeous but also much more accommodating. Allie and I worked on a few different craft projects using corks and bringing in a wine theme (just like the bridal shower)… from the name cards to the table names (each of which was a different winery). It was very creative and worked well! I didn’t take too many pictures, but here are a few. Below you will see a lot more from the professional photographers.

A&B Wedding24

A&B Wedding23

A&B Wedding25

A&B Wedding26

A&B Wedding27

A&B Wedding28

A&B Wedding34

A&B Wedding33

A&B Wedding29

A&B Wedding30

A&B Wedding31

A&B Wedding32

{Saturday + Professional pictures} Check them out: Steven & Lily Photography

Since I was the maid of honor I really didn’t take many pictures, which was hard for me! I had helped Allie pick which photographer to go with and I know we are all thrilled with the decision. I always think it’s better to have 2 photographers over 1, as you will get different angles and perspectives. Steven & Lily are a beautiful couple who went above and beyond. They were so accommodating and genuine. Allie had mentioned a while ago to them I had taken their engagement pictures and did photography. They came over to me a few times telling me what they were thinking and if I had any suggestions, which was so nice. From working with them to the final product everything was flawless and I can’t say enough good things about them!

The photography speaks for itself! Below are a few pictures that summarize the day. Just beautiful.

{Professional. Little details + Getting ready}

A&B Wedding35

A&B Wedding36

A&B Wedding37

A&B Wedding38

A&B Wedding39

A&B Wedding40

A&B Wedding41

A&B Wedding42

A&B Wedding43

A&B Wedding44

A&B Wedding45

A&B Wedding46

{Professional + First look} I was so glad Allie & Brian decided to do a first look. I think they make some of the best + most natural pictures. I mean just look at these below. Breathtaking!

A&B Wedding47

A&B Wedding48

A&B Wedding49

A&B Wedding50

A&B Wedding51

A&B Wedding52

{Professional. Ceremony} 

A&B Wedding53

A&B Wedding54

A&B Wedding55

A&B Wedding56

A&B Wedding57

A&B Wedding58

A&B Wedding59

I was trying so hard not to cry here (picture below)

A&B Wedding60

A&B Wedding62

A&B Wedding61

{Professional. Formal} Just a handful of the family and bridal party.

A&B Wedding63

A&B Wedding64

A&B Wedding65

A&B Wedding66

A&B Wedding67

{Professional. Reception}

A&B Wedding68

A&B Wedding69

A&B Wedding70

A&B Wedding71

A&B Wedding72

A&B Wedding73

A&B Wedding74

A&B Wedding75

A&B Wedding76

A&B Wedding77

A&B Wedding78

A&B Wedding79

A&B Wedding80

In love with this picture (below) and the amazing lighting.

A&B Wedding81

A&B Wedding82

And lastly for those who kept asking here are a few clips: The end of Allie & Brian’s first dance, Father Daughter dance and my toast.

They did it! My other half is married and I couldn’t be happier for them! As I said in my toast:

Love is designed to be forever! Its whole nature is to bind and not let go, to create an unbreakable union and an incredible intimacy of a life shared together. I know not only you and I will always have that kind of love as sisters, but also that you and Brian share this too – in a very unique & special way. Your love for each other is contagious (not medically speaking!), that’s been clear from the very beginning

There aren’t enough of the right words for me to describe the relationship Allie & Brian enjoy together and also how happy I am for you both.  I can’t imagine a couple more ready and more right for each other to receive the blessing of marriage. Brian I couldn’t imagine a groom more perfect for Allie than you. Thank you for bringing her such happiness and unconditional love. I believe the best and most beautiful things in our world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. I’m so glad you two have found it together.

When I look at the bride and groom, I feel such a mixture of emotions. I know that Allie has found her true love and best friend to share the rest of her life with. Allie, you are starting the next chapter of your life – your beautiful start with your new other half, Brian. I don’t see it as losing you though. I see it as gaining the most wonderful brother in law and new family I could have ever imagined! I truly mean that and I cannot wait to watch your new life with Brian blossom and grow.

Congratulations again!!

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  1. Renee says:

    LOVE IT!!! Everything and everyone looks amazing. Lots of ideas for Lauren’s wedding 🙂

  2. Allie says:

    Beautifully thought out and shown. This captures the wonderful weekend so well! Aw love you sissy! So glad you were a (big) part of our day, and everything leading up to it 🙂 You’re amazing! and yes, you will always be my original other half!

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