Ayn + {surprise} maternity session | Del Ray, Alexandria, VA

Today’s tidbit: “When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another.” — Helen Keller 

This was a special photo shoot! Not only was it for a friend but it was also a surprise!

A little background: Once I transferred to GMU and changed my major to graphic design {read more}, I started to get involved with a lot of groups, like AIGA–GMU student group and AIGA–DC chapter. I got to know the dedicated design students and made some wonderful friends, a handful of which I still keep in touch with on a weekly basis. Among those are Lindsey and Ayn. We grew close with mutual classes and AIGA events, and have remained in touch since graduating. A lot has certainly happened since then, from moving and jobs to babies! Lindsey had a beautiful boy, Blake who will be 2 years old this September. Ayn is pregnant with a baby girl, Amelia who should be making her appearance into the world this week or next!! For now I am sticking to Sammy, my fur baby, but I have loved being apart of these huge moments and sharing in their excitement.

Sneak peek images:

Ayn Maternity slidepix27

Ayn Maternity slidepix33

Be sure to click below to read more and check out more pictures. Enjoy!

As I mentioned above, this was a surprise photo shoot for Ayn. Lindsey and I were unable to make Ayn’s baby shower in June so we wanted to do something special and make it up to her the beginning of July! Lindsey and I planned a fun Sunday afternoon in Del Ray, a charming neighborhood in Alexandria, VA. We met for lunch, which was the only thing Ayn knew. After a nice lunch catching up we walked over to surprise 1: Bellies & Babies, one of Lindsey’s favorite consignment boutiques. As their website says, “Bellies & Babies is an upscale consignment boutique specializing in maternity and children’s clothing on the family-friendly Mt. Vernon Avenue—the heart of Del Ray, Alexandria.” The boutique is in the cutest little house with the upstairs divided into 3 rooms, which has maternity clothes, boys clothes and girls clothes. We all had fun digging through the hidden treasures. I can’t count the number of times we held up a little girls outfit saying, “Awwwww!” Once Ayn had a good pile of adorable clothes picked out and narrowed down, Lindsey and I told her surprise 2: we were buying all her chosen goodies.

The surprises didn’t stop there though! We then proceeded to tell her that we knew she didn’t have any professional pictures taken and if she was up for it surprise 3: afternoon maternity photo shoot, which she was already dressed perfect for. Lindsey was a wonderful art director and helped pick out places to take pictures as we walked around Del Ray. From Bellies & Babies and gorgeous flowers to a bold blue brick wall and ice cream shop we found many unique spots. Ayn looked beautiful and was a trooper in the summer heat!

Ayn Maternity slidepix

Ayn Maternity slidepix2

Ayn Maternity slidepix3

Ayn Maternity slidepix4

Ayn Maternity slidepix5

Ayn Maternity slidepix6

Ayn Maternity slidepix7

Ayn Maternity slidepix8

Ayn Maternity slidepix9

Ayn Maternity slidepix10

Ayn Maternity slidepix11

Ayn Maternity slidepix12

Ayn Maternity slidepix13

Ayn Maternity slidepix14

Ayn Maternity slidepix15

Ayn Maternity slidepix16

Ayn Maternity slidepix17

Ayn Maternity slidepix18

Ayn Maternity slidepix19

Ayn Maternity slidepix20

Ayn Maternity slidepix21

Ayn Maternity slidepix22

Ayn Maternity slidepix23

Ayn Maternity slidepix24

Ayn Maternity slidepix25

Ayn Maternity slidepix26

Ayn Maternity slidepix28

Ayn Maternity slidepix29

Ayn Maternity slidepix30

Ayn Maternity slidepix31

Ayn Maternity slidepix32

I loved capturing these moments and spending the afternoon with these 2 {soon to be 3} incredible ladies!

One thing I have learned since graduating is that life throws things your way, some of which are rough and/or unexpected. We have all had our fair share but it’s the supportive friends and family that you can lean on who make it easier to bounce back and move on. Something good comes out of everything you once saw as bad, you just have to be patient to figure it out sometimes.

I treasure true friendships and was thrilled Lindsey and I could do something really special for Ayn. She hasn’t had the easiest time and I think this was exactly what she needed!

Ayn, I hope you enjoyed the surprises and these photos as much as Lindsey and I enjoyed planning and spending the day with you {and baby girl}!! I am so excited to meet Amelia, and perhaps do a newborn photo shoot!

Happy Wednesday!

8 Responses to “Ayn + {surprise} maternity session | Del Ray, Alexandria, VA”

  1. Lindsey Smith says:

    Alyssa, GREAT POST! I absolutely loved your post writing and photos as well. You have the largest heart and I’m so grateful for getting to meet you. Life threw ME a curve ball chance to attend college again and look where it got me… to a whole new group of amazing girlfriends!!!

    • alyssa says:

      Thank you Lindsey, that means A LOT! I’m so grateful you went back to school and I met you. Who knows what the future holds but I’m excited to see where it takes us!

  2. Ayn says:

    These are gorgeous Alyssa, thank you so much for capturing this amazing time of my life! It was so fun to catch up with you and Lindsey and take part in this AWESOME surprise! This couldn’t have come at a better time for me 🙂

  3. Angie Cobey says:

    What wonderful friends you are to my daughter. My heart is just overflowing and my eyes are full of tears of joy. You have captured such wonderful pictures of my Ayn, in the way I see her in my eyes, that now everyone can see too. A beautiful, courageous, intelligent young woman that I am so very blessed to call my daughter. Thank you, Ayn’s Mom. Soon to be Amelia’s Grandma.

    • alyssa says:

      I have to say it made me feel so good when I read this, thank you. And what nice things to say about Ayn, she’s lucky to have you as her mom.

      THIS is what my work and photography is all about, capturing those special moments and little details that mean so much!

      Enjoy the pictures and I can’t wait to meet Amelia!

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