Fall at the barn

Today’s tidbit: “When your horse follows you without being asked, when he rubs his head on yours, and when you look at him and feel a tingle down your spine… you know you are loved.” — John Lyons

Last week I shared some of my fondest memories, living at the barn + showing, and saying goodbye to that chapter. Luckily I am still riding for fun and see Bailey! Remember my Winter at the barn post? I can’t believe it is almost that time again! As I mentioned then, after a long search to find Bailey the perfect home when I left for college it all came together and I still feel I made the right choice. It is a beautiful property where he is getting unbelievable care and attention. I just love pulling up to their gate, no matter what time of year, and seeing the horses out grazing in the pasture or popping their heads out of their stall doors. It has been quite the busy summer and fall, making it hard to get out to the barn to see Bailey. In August I stopped by on my birthday to see him. I then only made it out one day the very beginning of September, before South Africa, and then not again until last weekend. Although I missed the peak time for the vibrant fall color at the barn, it was still a relaxing and beautiful visit!

Sneak peek image:

fall riding14

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{Beautiful barn} Is this place incredible or what? The barn is just spectacular with picturesque grounds and a charming tack room. I feel so fortunate I can call this Bailey’s home and that I am still able to come visit and ride him!

fall riding

fall riding11

fall riding14

fall riding6

fall riding7

fall riding8

fall riding9

fall riding10

fall riding11

(pictures below) Bailey, along with the other pony Itsy, were used in a summer camp at the Madeira riding school. Bailey’s owner, Suzanne, said she made sure they knew her expectations on care and use of the ponies. They were a huge hit and behaved themselves, so proud of Bailey. He used to be quite the crazy pony and it just amazes me how he’s settled into the kids and loves the attention and being tinkered around with. I absolutely loved reading the cards the kids had made their last day of camp. How special!

fall riding24

fall riding25

{September visit} It was a beautiful warm fall day where the leaves were just starting to change. It is such a nice get away from everything. I love riding Bailey around the ring and then taking him exploring on long trails close to the property. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!

fall riding2

fall riding3

fall riding4

fall riding5

fall riding19

(picture below) There is a lot of history and love between Bailey and I. When I’m riding it brings back so many memories! This is still one of my favorite views, on top of Bailey, is truly peaceful and my happy place!

fall riding10

fall riding18

{November visit} I do believe you form a bond with horses and they remember you. Whenever I walk out to the pasture and call Bailey’s name (or as I like to call him, Bailsman or the Bailmeister) he still looks up and will walk over to me. After I took this first picture (below) he trotted up to me nickering. Melts my heart. He still without a doubt manages to always put me in a good mood. I mean just look at that adorable face! 🙂

fall riding20

fall riding21

fall riding22

fall riding23

{November trail ride} How I spent the afternoon – exploring and taking in the crisp fall air + scenery + last color on the trees. While I do this often on long walks with Sammy, it is special from the back of a horse… especially Bailey.

fall riding15

fall riding17

fall riding13

fall riding15

fall riding16

Isn’t it beautiful? I will be relishing the last days of fall! I can’t believe Thanksgiving is this week and before you know it, December will be here!

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  1. Karen says:

    What more can I say? This is love for sure. I know what your relationship with Bailey has meant to your growth, development, confidence and work ethic and it’s all good! So many wonderful, and more than a few scary, memories 🙂

  2. Parveen says:

    Thanks to you and your mom for having this wonderful, life-altering experience! Cherish these memories as you further grow in your life. Love you.

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