Rewind + August: GMU design project

Today’s tidbit: “If you wait for the timing to be right before you make a move, you may never make a move at all.  Blake Mycoskie

As I mentioned last week I am taking a little break from the SA posts to wrap up some other things that have been going on. After leaving TGD I started doing more photo shoots and freelance jobs (most of which I have already posted on). Back in June I started a 4-peice project for incoming freshman with Off-Campus Student Programs and Services at George Mason University (GMU). In July I completed a stand-up banner, brochure and bookmark and later in August I completed the forth piece, a mailer. I was waiting to do a post about it until I had the printed samples, which I received from Off-Campus Student Programs and Services in September while I was in South Africa. It got pushed back until now, but I am happy to finally share this exciting project and great experience working with GMU.

Sneak peek image:

GMU project8

Be sure to click below to read more and check out more pictures. Enjoy!

Around the same time in June I started something beautiful with Mary Kay I also gladly accepted this GMU project. It was nice to be back at GMU when I met on campus to discuss each project. It brought back a lot of memories! With all of the changes that had been going on, it was a very fitting project to start with: Start Something That Matters. I want to use photography and design to help with a bigger goal and message in mind… and this did just that.

If you don’t already know about these amazing people and products, check out Blake Mycoskie & TOMS along with Eric Ryan & Method. Inspirational!

{Stand-up banner} The first piece designed was a 36″x84″ banner that was displayed at GMU.

GMU project15

{Bookmark & Flyer} After the banner was approved I then designed a bookmark and trifold flyer which was given to incoming freshman. With a lot of content to fit, the goal was to keep it as interesting and clean as possible.

GMU project12

GMU project5

GMU project6

GMU project7

GMU project9

GMU project10

GMU project11

{Mailer} The first 3 pieces were approved and sent to the printer in July. This final piece came later and was sent to the printer in August. Aside from content and an idea they had in mind, it was a blank slate.

GMU project

GMU project2

GMU project3

GMU project4

{All 3 printed piece samples} I always love getting a design project back from the printer. It gives a totally different feeling when you’re holding it in your hand instead of just looking at it on screen.

GMU project13

GMU project14

It was a fun + inspirational project. I enjoyed working with Off-Campus Student Programs and Services.

“Alyssa, Thank you for all of your assistance over the past few weeks. We are all definitely happy with the design elements and how each piece has turned out! Thanks again. We will keep you in mind for any design work needed in the future.”
– Associate Director for Off-Campus Student Programs and Services

Knowing a client is happy with the results is rewarding. I am grateful to have been able to work on this project… a special thank you to a good friend, Lindsey for passing my name along. I look forward to working with them again in the future!

9 Responses to “Rewind + August: GMU design project”

  1. Chris says:

    You are very talented and I’m impressed!

  2. Allie says:

    Amazing work…beautiful design and very functional also! They are lucky to call you an alum 🙂

  3. Lindsey says:

    Happy to send your name along! You worked with a TON of copy and made it work! Kudos!

  4. alyssa says:

    Chris, Allie & Lindsey – thank you so much!! 🙂

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  6. Mom says:

    How did I miss this blog? Must have been on travel 🙂 Another amazing creative job well done! You really are soooo talented and I am very happy and grateful you are finding projects to spread your wings and share your creativity with the world. Keep up the great work!

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