WA road trip: Kalbarri National Park

Today’s tidbit: “Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.” ― Erol Ozan

Continuing with the start of road trip adventures along the WA coast, here’s more of Kalbarri. We were there four nights total, two in the beginning and two on the way back to Perth at the end. Earlier this week I shared the drive to Kalbarri along with the accommodation, evenings on the beach and sunset pictures (Jurien Bay + Kalbarri post). During the day we took advantage of the many spectacular lookouts + exploring Kalbarri National Park.

Sneak peek image:

AU, Kalbarri part239

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As the website states, “It’s easy to see why the Kalbarri region of Australia’s Coral Coast is one of WA’s favourite holiday destinations. Surrounded by the rugged coastal cliffs and dramatic river gorges of Kalbarri National Park, there is beauty and tranquillity as well as action and adventure to be found all year round. Nestled on the Murchison River, where it meets the Indian Ocean, Kalbarri is one of Australia’s top fishing spots. Swimming, surfing, kayaking, sailing, bushwalking, abseiling and whale watching tours are also among the favourite Kalbarri holiday pastimes. And from July to October, you can gaze in awe at the riot of colour created by over 1,100 WA wildflower species that thrive here.” Read more.

AU, Kalbarri9

Along the way we stopped for morning coffee in the town and discovered a bakery that had gluten free treats… couldn’t help but get one, or two.

AU, Kalbarri10

AU, Kalbarri11

After that delicious snack we headed back to the car. We were parked next to this little playground and so, since I’m really still a kid, had to get in the boat! With only a spring in the middle it was interesting getting in but why not have some fun, right? I amused the workers nearby who were taking a break. I think I’m ready for one of those real boats in front of me now 😉

AU, Kalbarri12

AU, Kalbarri13

AU, Kalbarri14


{driving + Kalbarri National Park} There are many different lookouts, some with trails and hiking options, both along the coast and inland. The few days we were there we went twice to different lookouts, seeing everything from gorges to coastal cliffs.

As the website states. “One of Western Australia’s most popular places for colourful wildflowers, Kalbarri National Park also offers a range of adventure activities like bush walking, gorge hiking and canoeing. Located on Western Australia’s mid north coast, Kalbarri National Park is known for its spectacular scenery and red rock gorges that were cut from the landscape by the mighty Murchison River (which is the second longest river in Western Australia). You can experience views of the gorges from one of the many lookouts including the famous Nature’s Window where the vista is seen through a massive red rock frame. The Loop, Z Bend, Hawkes Head Lookout and Ross Graham Lookout are also popular for views over the sandstone cliffs.” Read more.

AU, Kalbarri part2

AU, Kalbarri part22

{first day exploring the lookouts}
 Ross Graham Lookout, Hawk’s Head, Red Bluff and Island Rock and Natural Bridge. (full list here)

AU, Kalbarri part23

AU, Kalbarri part24

AU, Kalbarri part25

AU, Kalbarri part26

AU, Kalbarri part27

AU, Kalbarri part28

AU, Kalbarri part29

AU, Kalbarri part210

AU, Kalbarri part211

AU, Kalbarri part212

AU, Kalbarri part213

AU, Kalbarri part214

AU, Kalbarri part215

AU, Kalbarri part216

AU, Kalbarri part217

AU, Kalbarri part218

AU, Kalbarri part219


{second day exploring the lookouts} We stopped at a few of the other lookouts along the way to see the view but spent hours at Eagle Gorge. We hiked down the gorge for a while before getting to a secluded beach, which was a nice spot to watch the waves crash.

Eagle Gorge. As the website states, “Enjoy the panorama from the crest or wander down into the depths of the gorge, where you’ll discover a delightful beach. Watch as eagles soar in the skies above, catching the updrafts and searching for prey.”

AU, Kalbarri part220

AU, Kalbarri part221

AU, Kalbarri part222

AU, Kalbarri part223

AU, Kalbarri part224

AU, Kalbarri part225

AU, Kalbarri part226

AU, Kalbarri part227

AU, Kalbarri part228

AU, Kalbarri part229

AU, Kalbarri part230

Heading down the gorge.

AU, Kalbarri part231

AU, Kalbarri part232

AU, Kalbarri part233

AU, Kalbarri part234

AU, Kalbarri part235

AU, Kalbarri part236

Pictures below: Once we were down in the gorge at the beach, I climbed up to this spot and took a minute to do nothing but feel the sun, appreciate the views and hear the waves crash… enjoy the moment.

AU, Kalbarri part237

AU, Kalbarri part238

AU, Kalbarri part239

AU, Kalbarri part240

AU, Kalbarri part241


{sunset picnic} After all that hiking we found another lookout spot and had a late lunch/early dinner by the water. Enjoyed what became our normal picnic food… blocks of cheese, veggies, fruit, rice crackers/corn chips, dips and smoked salmon. YUM.

AU, Kalbarri part242

AU, Kalbarri part243

AU, Kalbarri part244

AU, Kalbarri part245

AU, Kalbarri part246

And that’s some of Kalbarri! There is so much to do and see, you could easily spend a week or two. Check back next week as the road trip continues from Kalbarri to Monkey Mia.

Have a great weekend! I will be flying to Denver, Colorado on Sunday where I will be visiting my sister for 10 days. 🙂

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  1. Holly says:

    You are too funny in that boat! Haha, I probably would have done the same thing ;). Also, the 4th picture after the “lookout/beach” sign is awesome! You can really see how clear the water is in that wave.

    • alyssa says:

      You know me 🙂 Chris had fun taking those pictures, there were so many candid shots. Next time I will be on the real boat in the marina. And thanks, the water everywhere really was so clear.

  2. Lindsey says:

    Great set of photos, once again!! You could create a set of postcards!!

  3. Laura says:

    Spectacular views! So adventurous and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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