WA road trip: Margaret River

Today’s tidbit: “Sometimes you just have to travel spontaneously without fear to know where you are heading in life.”

The beginning of my WA visit I shared many road trip adventures up north, where it was warmer. With only a few days left in Western Australia, we decided to do an impromptu overnight trip, from Perth heading down south to Margaret River. As well as wonderful wildlife spotting opportunities, this region of WA is also world famous for its abundance of locally produced food and wine, tall karri forests, pristine beaches and epic surf breaks. With it being winter, most of the time in Margaret River was cold and rainy. I definitely want to explore this region a lot more during Australia’s spring/summer.

Sneak peek image: Roos in the vineyard


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{drive to the hotel + making friends} As I mentioned, it was a pretty cold and rainy during my stay in Margaret River so I didn’t take many pictures along the drive down. Once we were in Margaret River, heading to the hotel, I spotted this pasture with ponies and kangaroo. By now Chris knew my love for animals (and photography) and pulled over so I could get out. As we walked up to the fence line it started to sprinkle and we had just enough time to say hi, and of course take pictures, before it started to pour.



If there are horses I will find them! I also never thought I’d see horses in blankets in Australia, but it was quite chilly out.



This guy was further away but once he saw his friend getting some attention trotted over to us.




Spotted a group of roos on the other end of the field from the ponies. They were pretty far away but luckily I had my DSLR and big lens with me so I was able to get these shots. Once it started to pour we ran back to the car and these guys all hopped away to a row of trees.







After checking into the hotel we headed to the wineries. Along the way we stopped to check out some of the local beaches and trails.





{Leeuwin Estate Winery} Leeuwin Estate is one of the founding wineries of the now famous Margaret River district. We enjoyed wine tasting and all the charm this estate had to offer. Unfortunately once we finished the tasting it was raining again so we weren’t able to wander around too much.

As the website states, “Leeuwin Estate, an iconic producer of premium wines made from grapes grown in the Margaret River region of Western Australia, recognises that its environmental responsibilities are of significant importance to its staff, suppliers, customers and the local community.

The Margaret River district features pristine white sandy beaches, spectacular coastline and amazing surf. It is surrounded by majestic karri forests, is nestled within picturesque farmland and enjoys a balmy temperate climate. Complemented by fine restaurants, art galleries and boutique luxury accommodation, Margaret River has spawned one of the world’s most dynamic and innovative wine tourism industries. Located in the South West of Western Australia, approximately 280 km south of Perth, Leeuwin Estate enjoys a unique environment that is highly complementary to the production of high quality varietal wines.” Check them out.










Loved this colorful seating area + long wood table. There was so much indoor/outdoor space with cute nooks everywhere you turned.




Couldn’t leave without getting a few bottles… the trouble was narrowing down which to buy.


Driving down the long drive as we left the winery… I looked over and spotted some roos in the vineyard, and you know we had to stop. I quickly grabbed my camera and slowly got out of the car and walked closer. Originally I only saw two but a third joined the party. They hung around just long enough to check us out, and for me to get some pictures, before hopping off. Love these shots!





The rain cleared up and there was a little bit of color in the evening sky.


After Leeuwin, we went to another winery but it was about to close so we ran in and out. Ended the day at the hotel restaurant, with some delicious entrees (appetizers), gluten free pizza and wine.



And that’s what you call a fun unplanned rainy day! Check back next week for part 2 of Margaret River, where we drive through the tall karri forests, explore a cave and climb to the top of a lighthouse.

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  1. Karen says:

    Now that’s a lovely way to spend a rainy or sunny day! On my list of things to do when I come visit… Love the roos in the vineyard, not something you’ll see any where else in the world 🙂

  2. Hannah says:


  3. Lindsey says:

    Nice day!!! Beautiful setting!

  4. Chris says:

    Another great adventure. Those shots of kangaroos in a vineyard are iconic ….and there is that naughty pony!

    • alyssa says:

      Yup, that was such good timing to spot them as we were leaving. And that naughty black pony, he wasn’t very nice to his friend. Cheeky little guy (working on my aussie talk :))

  5. Paul says:

    The pictures of the roos in the vineyard are fantastic. Great capture.

  6. Laraa Ann says:

    Rainy day or not, this looks perfect.

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