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For my final design class at George Mason University I was tasked with writing and designing a book. In “The Ins and Outs of Celiac”, the reader is confronted with a fuller understanding of not only what the disease is but also the people it has affected. Instead of focusing on the limitations and the negative, what is “Out”, the focus is on the positive, what is “In”. It is important to realize all the different options out there that we may not have experienced before. I believe life should be thought of in the same way. Continuing with this theme, I wanted to take the same approach for my blog, leaving it open ended with room to grow and change with the Ins and Outs – whether in my life, travel, photography or design. As far as my own story goes, I virtually live and breathe this idea of In and Out, as I am constantly learning and growing as a person, designer and photographer.

My vision has grown and so has alyssa setia photography + design, launching my new venture, Adjust Your Focus™ in May 2015. Adjust Your Focus™ is a platform to be creative and where I share my love for photography + design + travel. This is a place to connect and a source for inspiration. I encourage you to follow your dreams + focus on what’s important.

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