Allie’s bachelorette weekend, part 2 | Wrightsville Beach, NC

Today’s tidbit: “Every time I stand before a beautiful beach, its waves seem to whisper to me: If you choose the simple things and find joy in nature’s simple treasures, life and living need not be so hard.” ― Psyche Roxas-Mendoza
I love this tidbit… I am all about the little details + simple treasures + natural beauty!

With no internet yet (blog post on the move + new house coming soon), the other day I ventured down the street to check out some of the shopping centers and stumbled upon a Starbucks (and Target, which is trouble!). I always see people in their nooks at Starbucks on their laptops but have never stopped to work myself… until today. I decided to take a break from packing and go find a new little nook, spending this rainy Friday morning working on my blog while enjoying a warm vanilla latte +  listening to jazz music + meeting many new friendly people. It’s been enjoyable!

Earlier this week I posted part 1 of Allie’s wonderful bachelorette weekend which focused on Details + Decorations + Drinks. Continuing with it, here is part 2 focusing on Beauty + Beaches. You’ll get a full taste of the beauty and the resort we stayed at in North Carolina, Blockade Runner.

Sneak peek image: View from our room! I could get used to waking up to this every day!

A bachelorette slidepix23

Be sure to click below to check out more pictures. Enjoy!

Here is a picture I took with my phone earlier today of my little nook in Starbucks.

A bachelorette slidepix2

I was in love with this teal wall in the lobby of the resort.

A bachelorette slidepix22

Below are pictures taken from our suite rooms. The beautiful resort pool area… does it get any better?!

AM yoga!

A bachelorette slidepix24

A bachelorette slidepix25

A bachelorette slidepix26

A bachelorette slidepix27

Our 6 chairs by the pool, what a PERFECT morning.

A bachelorette slidepix28

A bachelorette slidepix29

The gorgeous gardens and area surrounding the pool.

A bachelorette slidepix210

A bachelorette slidepix211

A bachelorette slidepix212

A bachelorette slidepix213

Sister love!

A bachelorette slidepix214

A bachelorette slidepix215

A bachelorette slidepix216

A bachelorette slidepix217

A bachelorette slidepix218

A bachelorette slidepix219

Beyond the pool area heading to Wrightsville Beach!

A bachelorette slidepix220

A bachelorette slidepix221

A bachelorette slidepix222

A bachelorette slidepix223

A bachelorette slidepix224

A bachelorette slidepix225

A bachelorette slidepix226

A bachelorette slidepix227

A–L–L–I (missing the E)

A bachelorette slidepix228

A bachelorette slidepix229

A bachelorette slidepix230

A bachelorette slidepix231

A bachelorette slidepix232

A bachelorette slidepix233

A bachelorette slidepix234

From the beach heading back to the resort.

A bachelorette slidepix235

Pictures below are from dinner out at Dockside and our AMAZING view!

A bachelorette slidepix236

A bachelorette slidepix237

A bachelorette slidepix238

A bachelorette slidepix239

And last but not least, exploring Wilmington, NC. Allie and I were able to stay an additional night with one of the bridesmaids, Bailey who lives there and was nice enough to host us. It is such a cute area!

A bachelorette slidepix240

A bachelorette slidepix241

A bachelorette slidepix242

I have ordered from Polka-Dotted Flamingo online and was SO excited to go to the actual store right off the boardwalk. I am obsessed with statement jewelry (I have way too much) and this place is so unique and reasonably priced. Check out their Facebook page, which is updated more often.

A bachelorette slidepix243

A bachelorette slidepix244

And ending the trip with a beautiful sunset walking along the boardwalk.

A bachelorette slidepix245

Do you want to go visit yet? How can you not. I know that was a lot but there was so much I wanted to share :). It is a beautiful little get away, full of hidden treasures + little details + beach and waterfront views. Ended up being the perfect spot for a low key, memorable and fun bachelorette weekend and we could not have asked for better weather and views. Next up for Allie: bridal shower in September!

Have a wonderful weekend!

7 Responses to “Allie’s bachelorette weekend, part 2 | Wrightsville Beach, NC”

  1. Allie says:

    ugh this makes me want to go back so badly!! great weekend with you girls, whose getting married next so we can repeat it? 😉 and great pictures sissy, love the scenic ones

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  3. Lindsey says:

    Love that teal wall too!!!!! Great shots thanks so much for sharing!!!

  4. Pamela says:

    What a beautiful resort and looks like a perfect bachelorette weekend! I want to go next summer, haha. Uhhh makes me miss my bachelorette weekend though 🙁

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