WA road trip: Carnarvon | Blowholes, snorkeling & sunsets

Today’s tidbit: “There’s nothing wrong with enjoying looking at the surface of the ocean itself, except that when you finally see what goes on underwater, you realize that you’ve been missing the whole point of the ocean…” ― Dave Barry

Monkey Mia with the wild dolphins really was a mystical world and amazing experience (Monkey Mia post). Continuing on our road trip, our next stop was Carnarvon. We were there three nights total, two in the beginning and one on the way back to Perth at the end. Carnarvon was a cute town with a laid back and friendly way of life (which was really all of WA I think), with attractions both in and outside of town. Blowholes and Point Quobba, where I snorkeled for the first time in Australia, along with colorful sunsets were really spectacular sights. (videos at the end)

Sneak peek image:

AU, Blowholes4

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Road trip continuing.

AU, Carnarvon

Oh hi, little guy.

AU, Carnarvon2



As the website states, “Carnarvon, is the regional centre for the Gascoyne, and is positioned at the mouth of the Gascoyne River, 904km north of Perth, between two World Heritage areas – Shark Bay to the south (where we were) and the Ningaloo Reef (where we were heading) which begins just north of the town site of Carnarvon.

The Shire of Carnarvon encompasses an area of 53,000 square km, including popular tourist locations, Gladstone beach (to the south), Blowholes, Quobba (including Red Bluff), Gnaraloo Station, Warroora Station and Coral Bay to the north. The town also acts as the gateway to the world’s largest Monolith Mt Augustus, and the Kennedy Range national park, located to the east of Carnarvon (within the Shire of Upper Gascoyne).” Read more.

Looking back, I realize I didn’t take many pictures of the town itself aside from a quick lunch with a new dog friend and a nearby beach. It was a cute little town though.

AU, Carnarvon3

AU, Carnarvon4

AU, Carnarvon24

AU, Carnarvon25


{sunset + locals } As we walked along the beach during sunset we came across a local couple, and their dog, fishing. We stopped and chatted for a while. They were so personable, friendly and funny… full of questions and stories. He had a few fish in a bucket and, after a very entertaining catch, had just got this crab. As he reeled it in, the crab let go into the water and he was kicking it around with his bare feet until it landed on the sand where he grabbed it. Meanwhile, his wife, Chris and I are all laughing and shocked he actually got it and didn’t get pinched. Australian fishing? His wife said he had no clue what that was but it was dinner now.

Too funny, I really wish I had it on video so you could see how entertaining it was. This is what I loved about South Africa, and about traveling… really getting away from tourist stuff and interacting with the locals.

AU, Carnarvon5

AU, Carnarvon6

AU, Carnarvon7

AU, Carnarvon8

AU, Carnarvon9

AU, Carnarvon10

I’m not sure if it’s a Western Australia thing but during and after sunset the sky would be amazing warm colors on one side and in all other directions there would be this amazing blue/purple/pink (cooler colors) sky. It would last around 30 minutes after the sun went down. I remember standing there and just turning in circles, taking it all in. It was so unique and beautiful! As we continued our road trip I noticed it did this everywhere we went… and I LOVED it.

AU, Carnarvon11

AU, Carnarvon12

AU, Carnarvon13

AU, Carnarvon14

AU, Carnarvon15


{second day in Carnarvon} We went into the town where I got some new toys, a GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition / Surf and a new snorkel mask. I had been thinking about a GoPro for a while and with a nudge from Chris went for it. That day we headed 75 km north of Carnarvon to the Blowholes and Point Quobba, where I snorkeled for the first time in Australia and tested out the GoPro.

AU, Carnarvon16


{Blowholes} Powerful ocean swells force water through sea caves and up out of narrow holes in the rocks. Spectacular sight. Notice the rainbow? Read more.

AU, Blowholes9

AU, Blowholes2

AU, Blowholes3

AU, Blowholes4

AU, Blowholes5

AU, Blowholes6

AU, Blowholes7

AU, Blowholes8

AU, Blowholes10

AU, Blowholes11

AU, Blowholes12

AU, Blowholes13


{Point Quobba + snorkeling} “Following the road 1km south from the Blowholes takes you to Point Quobba, a calm coral filled lagoon favoured by the locals for its sandy white beaches. This area is ideal for snorkeling and swimming or a great place for a picnic.”  Read more.

It really was a pristine beach and around the bend in the lagoon was the perfect first snorkel experience in Australia.

AU, Blowholes14

AU, Blowholes15

Look at that water!

AU, Blowholes16

AU, Blowholes17

AU, Blowholes18

AU, Blowholes19

AU, Blowholes20

AU, Blowholes21

AU, Blowholes22

AU, Blowholes23


{GoPro} Below are pictures and video using the GoPro for the first time.

AU, Blowholes24

AU, Blowholes25

AU, Blowholes26

AU, Blowholes27

AU, Blowholes28

AU, Blowholes29

AU, Blowholes30

AU, Blowholes31

AU, Blowholes32

After that AH-MAZ-ING afternoon of blowholes and snorkeling, walked back along the beach (where there was coral all over) and had a late lunch picnic.

AU, Blowholes33

AU, Blowholes34


{third evening in Carnarvon} On the way back to Perth we stopped in Carnarvon for one night to break up the drive. In the evening we went back to the local beach (where we met the couple fishing before) and walked along the shore watching the sunset. Stumbled upon some really awesome sand sculptures (I can’t take credit for making them). The sunset, as always, was gorgeous!

AU, Carnarvon17

Also stumbled upon a BIG beautiful turtle, who sadly was dead. Not sure what happened but he was huge, would have been amazing to see him alive. We tried to flip him over but the shell was starting to crack and he was just too heavy. Poor guy.

AU, Carnarvon18

AU, Carnarvon19

AU, Carnarvon20

AU, Carnarvon21

AU, Carnarvon22

AU, Carnarvon23

Three nights in Carnarvon… really a great stop for breaking the trip up from Shark Bay/Monkey Mia and heading to our next destination, Coral Bay. The Blowholes, snorkeling and sunsets (with the warm and cool colors surrounding you) was really something else!

Blowholes – Blowholes in action
Snorkeling – Carnarvon snorkeling and Snorkeling close up

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  1. Karen says:

    Wow that was a beautiful post of what must have been an incredible day! Blowholes and snorkeling look so neat, right up your alley. The sunset are just breathtaking and interesting about the two different colors in the sky. Maybe it has something to do with the moon rising, right Chris?

  2. Tiffany says:

    What a great post, and stop along the road trip. Keep the pictures coming!

    • alyssa says:

      Thanks, there will be plenty of pictures coming! Next week I will be posting on Colorado & my 26th birthday and then back to the WA road trip.

  3. Mel says:

    Very interesting about the sky colors. Loving all the blowhole and snorkeling pictures and video. Really great!

  4. Erik says:

    Western Australia is a stunning place, I’ve lived there for 4 years. You must come back for longer. I just found your blog and am enjoying following along. Great photography! Cheers.

    • alyssa says:

      Thanks for following. I LOVED WA and am hoping to come back to work/live for a while the beginning of 2015, hopefully. I’d come tomorrow if I could.

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