Western Caribbean cruise, part 4: Cozumel

Today’s tidbit: “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Andre Gide

In Belize and Costa Maya we were able to really experience the culture, history and ruins there. Continuing along our Western Caribbean cruise, the last stop was Cozumel. We spent the day in the sun and water at Chankanaab , taking advantage of everything the park had to offer… from a sea lion show and tequila factory to pristine beaches, snorkeling and swimming with dolphins.

Sneak peek image:

Cruise, Cozumel20

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Cruise, Cozumel2

Cruise, Cozumel3

Cruise, Cozumel4



As the website states, “Chankanaab is the #1 attraction in Cozumel! Chankanaab (word that comes from the Mayan language and means “little sea) is located inside Cozumel´s National Marine Park. Enjoy our beautiful beach park and spend your day either snorkeling or scuba diving while admiring schools of tropical fish, colorful reef and underwater statues. You can also enjoy a fresh hand-made tortilla at our Mayan casita, stop by the crocodile exhibition or the sea lion show, or perhaps relax with a massage in front of the lagoon that gives the park its name. These are only a few of the many activities you can enjoy at Chankanaab.” Read more.

From snorkeling and enjoying the beach to swimming with dolphins, something I’ve always wanted to do, it really was a wonderful day! I will let the pictures do most of the talking.

Cruise, Cozumel5

Cruise, Cozumel6

Cruise, Cozumel7

Cruise, Cozumel8

Cruise, Cozumel9

Cruise, Cozumel10

Cruise, Cozumel11

Cruise, Cozumel12

Cruise, Cozumel13

Cruise, Cozumel14

Cruise, Cozumel15

Cruise, Cozumel16

Cruise, Cozumel17

So glad I had my DSLR with the large lens so my mom was able to get some pictures of Allie and I interacting and swimming with the dolphins. Below are a few of the pictures she took.

Cruise, Cozumel18

Cruise, Cozumel19

Cruise, Cozumel20

Cruise, Cozumel21

Cruise, Cozumel22

Cruise, Cozumel23

Cruise, Cozumel24

Cruise, Cozumel25

Cruise, Cozumel26

Cruise, Cozumel27

After the amazing experience with the dolphins we enjoyed lunch, followed by a visit to the tequila factory.

Cruise, Cozumel28

Cruise, Cozumel29

Cruise, Cozumel30

Cruise, Cozumel31

Cruise, Cozumel32

Such a wonderful day! I wish we had more time, but back on the ship we enjoyed the daily drink special and watched another gorgeous sunset.

Cruise, Cozumel38

Cruise, Cozumel33

Cruise, Cozumel35

Cruise, Cozumel36

Cruise, Cozumel37


{last day of the cruise + day at sea} From Cozumel the following day was at sea, as we headed back to Florida. We spent the day on the ship deck enjoying live music followed by an amazing dinner at one of the specialty restaurants onboard. Below are a few pictures from dinner, all gluten free!

Cruise, Cozumel39

Cruise, Cozumel40

Cruise, Cozumel41

Cruise, Cozumel42

Cruise, Cozumel43

Cruise, Cozumel44

As we headed back to Tampa, we found out the port was closed due to severe fog so they had to anchor the ship in the ocean for a few hours until it cleared. Once we finally arrived at the port, we were several hours late causing a lot of chaos for people trying to make flights. Luckily we booked our return flight for the afternoon so just made it!

Cruise, Cozumel45

Cruise, Cozumel46

Cruise, Cozumel47

And that wraps up another wonderful travel adventure and cruise with my mom and sister. Each place we stopped at was really special, from the ruins and history to riding on the beach, snorkeling and swimming with dolphins. Definitely a memorable trip! I hope you’ve enjoyed sharing in the adventures.

Next week I will announce where my next international adventure in June will be! Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Holly says:

    Love this all! Those dolphins. That beach. I demand one of those hammocks and some tequila. Right. Now! Quit making me jealous with your gorgeous pictures! 🙂 Ugh, I need a vacation.

  2. Mary says:

    This looks like a really fun day! Beautiful photography and landscape. I would imagine interacting with the dolphins like that was quite special. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Anne says:

    Wonderful! I am enjoying your posts and living through your travels with the stories and photography. Thanks!

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