Friday fun: New York

Today’s tidbit: “You need to make time for your family no matter what happens in your life.”
— Matthew Quick

Tuesday I wrapped up my first week of adventures in South Africa and our private tour with Dornbrack Travel. I know, can you believe that was all only 5 days AND before the main 2 week tour even started!?! I will start the new tour adventures soon, but for now I am taking a little break from the SA posts to wrap up some other things that have been going on… starting with a short post on my trip to New York. I left for Albany, NY last Friday with my brother and Sammy. After a cold snowy 8 hour drive, we made it back yesterday evening. This is a little bit of a random shorter Friday fun post with little details from my trip.

Sneak peek image: This morning putting together this post… in my favorite nook with much needed coffee and a gluten free blueberry muffin!

Friday fun NY14

Be sure to click below to read more and check out more pictures. Enjoy! 

Remember my summer New York post? This time it was much colder but the dogs had fun playing and running around. It was a nice visit seeing family and helping take care of Cody as my mom was out of town. My brother and I spent most mornings with the dogs, the afternoon and evening with my grandparents in the nursing home and/or with my Aunt Kathy and nights curled up watching movies with popcorn and hot apple cider. It was freezing there with snow flurries (too cold for my liking) but it was a nice break and I know how much it means to everyone!

{relaxing afternoon break} I was able to make it to my favorite gluten free place in upstate NY, Sherry Lynn’s a few times! One afternoon before heading to the nursing home (actually wasn’t too cold out) I enjoyed some tea and lavender gluten free cookies on the porch. It was so relaxing and smelled amazing. There is nothing better than fresh air and nature.

Friday fun NY

Friday fun NY2

Friday fun NY3

Friday fun NY4

Friday fun NY5

{sleepy dogs} As I mentioned, David and I watched movies at night while the dogs enjoyed snuggling! They were tired from running around all day too.

Friday fun NY6

Friday fun NY7

Friday fun NY8

{new haircut + highlights} It was time for a change. I get my hair done at the same place with the same person when I visit. Alyshia always does a wonderful job! It was nice to get rid of all the old color and start fresh.

Friday fun NY9

{drive home} mobile pictures below. As I mentioned, Sherry Lynn’s is a mandatory stop! I got some gluten free goodies as we headed out yesterday. It was a sunny cold day with snow on the ground but it was a nice drive back with a beautiful sunset and for the most part open roads. Sammy wasn’t too keen on the car ride but he was a good boy and is happy to be back.

Friday fun NY10

Friday fun NY11

Friday fun NY12

Friday fun NY13

Have a wonderful weekend! Next week I will be sharing some of the freelance projects I have been working on.

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  1. Lindsey says:

    Nice post! Hair looks great!

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