Stephanie & Mark + family session | Alexandria, VA

Today’s tidbit: “The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.”— George Santayana 

Do you remember my shoots with Crystal and Sam (maternity, family shoot part 1 & family shoot part 2)? I was honored to be able to spend the afternoon with them and capture such exciting times. After those posts a few people contacted me interested in scheduling their own family shoot, one of which was Stephanie. She wanted to do a fall shoot with her husband, Mark and their twin girls, Charlotte & Reagan.

Being a twin myself, I was very excited to work with them! I showed Stephanie and Mark a sneak peak image last week, but they haven’t seen anything else yet. I wanted it to be a surprise and I know they are waiting anxiously to see the pictures… so, here you go!!

Sneak peek image:

S&M family shoot20

Be sure to click below to read more and check out more pictures. Enjoy!

{shoot location} We were able to do this shoot at Ben Brenman Park, the same place where I did the shoots for Crystal and Sam. With both of our schedules being so busy the shoot was pushed back until November. Although it was a cool & windy fall day, there was still some color on the trees and the sun came out. It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, especially the Saturday before Thanksgiving!

S&M family shoot

S&M family shoot2

S&M family shoot3

S&M family shoot5

S&M family shoot4

{a little background} Stephanie & Mark met in October 2006. She joked telling me their first date was Monday Night Football + chinese take out. They never expected to fall in love with each other and get married, it just happened! In 2008, Mark proposed New Years Day at the top of the Hyatt in San Diego. In May of that same year they got married and in June moved to North Carolina. After a long wait to conceive, Charlotte & Reagan were born in June 2011.

And for some exciting news – Stephanie & Mark are expecting another little one! Charlotte & Reagan are very excited to become big sisters. Although they have told me the gender, it will remain a secret 🙂 They are waiting to reveal it to everyone until after the holidays. Stephanie mentioned this little one will be their last and is due the same day she was, May 8th, when her mom was pregnant with her. Consider it fate… how special!

Onto the pictures of this beautiful family, and of course some detail shots. Enjoy!

S&M family shoot6

S&M family shoot10

S&M family shoot16

S&M family shoot11

S&M family shoot13

S&M family shoot14

S&M family shoot18

S&M family shoot17

S&M family shoot19

S&M family shoot15

S&M family shoot12

S&M family shoot8

S&M family shoot7

S&M family shoot9

S&M family shoot21

S&M family shoot22

S&M family shoot23

S&M family shoot24

S&M family shoot25

S&M family shoot26

(below) I love the shoots of Reagan looking back at me!

S&M family shoot34

S&M family shoot35

S&M family shoot36

S&M family shoot37

S&M family shoot38

S&M family shoot39

S&M family shoot29

S&M family shoot32

S&M family shoot30

S&M family shoot31

S&M family shoot28

S&M family shoot27

S&M family shoot33

S&M family shoot40

S&M family shoot41

S&M family shoot42

S&M family shoot43

S&M family shoot48

S&M family shoot49

S&M family shoot50

S&M family shoot51

S&M family shoot61

{watching the geese}

S&M family shoot45

S&M family shoot46

S&M family shoot44

S&M family shoot47

S&M family shoot52

S&M family shoot67

S&M family shoot66

S&M family shoot53

S&M family shoot54

S&M family shoot59

S&M family shoot55

S&M family shoot60

S&M family shoot58

S&M family shoot57

S&M family shoot56

S&M family shoot70

S&M family shoot69

{keeping warm running around}

S&M family shoot65

S&M family shoot81

S&M family shoot62

S&M family shoot63

S&M family shoot64

S&M family shoot68

S&M family shoot74

S&M family shoot75

S&M family shoot76

S&M family shoot77

S&M family shoot78

S&M family shoot72

S&M family shoot73

S&M family shoot80

S&M family shoot82

S&M family shoot83

S&M family shoot84

S&M family shoot79

{ampersand} The only prop used was the ampersand, which I brought. Remember Allie & Brian’s wedding post (and everything leading up to it?) As I had mentioned in my toast to them at the wedding, there was a reason I chose to focus on the ampersand; from the bridal shower invitations and decorations to the wedding invitation suite I designed. It represents the relationship not only Allie & I share as sisters but also the relationship Allie & Brian have built together. With one single stroke, the ampersand is the symbol that connects two formerly separate elements.

Allie & I have a special twin bond and I know Charlotte & Reagan will as well!

S&M family shoot85

S&M family shoot86

S&M family shoot87

S&M family shoot88

S&M family shoot93

S&M family shoot92

S&M family shoot89

S&M family shoot91

S&M family shoot90

Stephanie didn’t want to have many staged pictures or props, which I liked. Instead she wanted to get some family pictures and just let it be natural. I am all about the candid shots. It’s these, unplanned and unexpected, when you are able to get true expressions, feelings and natural beauty. Taken at the right second, it creates those wonderful surprise shots that freeze a little moment in time. I love the smiling pictures along with all the goofy ones because it captures their personality and mood!

Aren’t they adorable?! For a cool & windy fall day the girls were troopers and opened up to me (and the camera)! Such a beautiful family with so much love and happiness!

Next posts? I will be continuing to share my adventures in South Africa again! 🙂 Check back next week.

12 Responses to “Stephanie & Mark + family session | Alexandria, VA”

  1. Allie says:

    Aw! Kids are certainly tough subjects at that age but there really are some great ones…and they are absolutely adorable! Those girls certainly have personalities that shine through. So cute and I love the ampersand used again. Twins are the best 🙂

    • alyssa says:

      Yes, they were a little tricky but so adorable! That’s the challenge with photo shoots but I enjoy it! It was neat to work with twins, and yes I thought the ampersand would be cute!

  2. Stephanie Blydenburgh says:

    I am so in love with these pictures! It was such a cold and windy day and you managed to get great shots of us all! Charlotte normally doesn’t smile for the camera, but you managed to snap at just the right times and capture her personality. Reagan is just a little ham, but you got her natural smile, not just her “cheese” face 🙂 Again, I love them ALL and I cannot wait to do lots of fun things around my house with them! Thank you a million times over!!

    • alyssa says:

      I’m so glad you’re happy with them 🙂 The girls are just adorable and I love their different personalities and expressions. How boring would it be if they were just smiling in every picture? 🙂

      You have the sweetest little (growing) family! I look forward to working with you all again. Enjoy the pictures!

  3. Crystal says:

    Stephanie these came out awesome! Your girls are adorable! Alyssa great job! So glad I could connect you two!

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  5. Holly says:

    So cute! I love the bridge shots :). And the excitement on their faces from running! Adorable!

  6. Lindsey says:

    Did you recall your days as a toddler twin with Allie? So cute! I like the b/w image of the parents holding them – that’s my favorite (where the parents are back-to-back).

    • alyssa says:

      I kept thinking I’d love to have pictures like this with Allie when I was younger. I know their really for the parents right now, but the girls will love them when they’re older I’m sure!

      I’m glad we were able to do a family session as well! Yours will be up on the blog soon too!

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