Allie & Brian | Newlywed party

Today’s tidbit: “The most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—it’s all that matters.”
― Audrey Hepburn

On Monday I shared Allie & Brian’s wedding celebration, which was just perfect! They then enjoyed a 10 day honeymoon in gorgeous St. Lucia and came back to a party my dad and I planned. It was a big party to celebrate the newlyweds (along with show friends the new house finally) complete with delicious catered Indian food and a never ending supply of drinks made by a bartender. And of course it wouldn’t be a party without a DJ and dancing! So much to celebrate and I couldn’t be happier for Allie & Brian.

Sneak peek image:

A&B Wedding party6

Be sure to click below to read more and check out more pictures. Enjoy!

{Backyard setup} Tables + DJ + Bar

A&B Wedding party5

A&B Wedding party4

A&B Wedding party3

A&B Wedding party

A&B Wedding party2

{Delicious Indian food} Variety of catered appetizers followed by entrees and dessert

A&B Wedding party7

A&B Wedding party8

A&B Wedding party9

A&B Wedding party10

A&B Wedding party11

A&B Wedding party12

My other half!

A&B Wedding party13

{Let the dancing begin} Wonderful afternoon of food, drinks & dancing. Just a handful of the dancing pictures.

A&B Wedding party14

A&B Wedding party15

A&B Wedding party16

A&B Wedding party17

Towards the end when the party was wrapping up this cutie, Lindsey’s son Blake, stole the show. He was enjoying the desserts! So glad they were able to make it.

A&B Wedding party18

A&B Wedding party19

A&B Wedding party20

A&B Wedding party21

A&B Wedding party22

I was thrilled so many important people to me were able to make it out also!

A&B Wedding party23

A&B Wedding party24

Allie & Brian received more presents, some of which continued with the wine theme! 🙂

A&B Wedding party25

And that was a FUN Saturday!

Check back next week for a post on an adorable family photo shoot I did the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful weekend!

4 Responses to “Allie & Brian | Newlywed party”

  1. Lindsey Smith says:

    Another winner blog post. Great pictures. Thanks so much Alyssa – that was a very fun celebration to be a part of! Blake enjoyed himself too! 🙂

  2. Parveen says:

    Beautiful pictures! It turned out to be a beautiful, sunny day (70’s F) in November. Our family and friends in the area joined to celebrate and welcome Newlyweds Allie, Brian and Duggar’s to our new family home in Maryland. Yes, delicious food, drinks, and DJ’s selection of Punjabi dance music only added to the fun. Thanks to everyone who attended and helped build pleasant memories!

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